Nakshatra RoyFounding Partner


A Wharton Alumni, Roy is a specialist in Finance, Marketing, Mergers, and acquisitions in the Realty sector Pan India. His experience comprises directing the entire gamut of project life cycle right from requirement gathering through Market Research, preparation of Business Plans on all asset classes. He leveraged the positive growth of Indian markets by the strategic amalgamation of domestic corporates with international capital seeking opportunities to invest in the Indian real estate sector.

A Proven Strategist with about two and a half decades of experience he was earlier associated with Tata Housing Development Company Ltd. Heading their Business Development and Corporate Marketing for the Group. He was instrumental in signing a development MoU with SSPL Mumbai, a long term national level buy contract with LicCare Homes amongst others. His Prior assignment included establishing Wabi Projects, to unlock the distressed book of IL&FS Hill County Ltd (Erstwhile Maytas); creating a joint venture with Kotak Mahindra Bank ARD division for monetizing their distressed assets into active projects ( Pentamedia/ PentaFour Land banks ) are a few to name.

During the early 2000’s he was associated with True Value Homes for over a decade, as Director Operations, His assignments were buying out distressed accounts from PSU banks and converting them to successful realty projects while getting FDI directly into the company. All those investments were returned with above par IRR to the investors.

Skilled Management / Business Strategy / Finance Specialist. Govt and Institutional Marketing

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