Asset Management
Asset Management Services

We provide the following services on a monthly reporting basis, for the full cycle of the Real-estate project mandated by the Financial institute or the developer :

  • GST and compliance towards payment of taxes;
  • ESG as per the approved plan of SEIAA compliance on the TOR;
  • Approvals updation ongoing and to completion of the project;
  • RERA compliance (as per law);
  • Construction schedule as per Business Plan, mitigation plan on delays and way forward;
  • Cost as per business plan agreed between the parties;
  • Sales update and actual pipeline business;
  • Collection and escrow MIS;
  • Reporting any legal issues that may come up during the execution of the Project;
  • Overall compliance issues as needed to be addressed and reported.

Post engagement the above monthly/quarterly report shall be prepared by us upon the receipt of the detailed information from the clients and shall engage closely with the client’s team to seek the necessary information.

We shall endeavor to inform the Company of any non-compliances caused by them and shall take steps to report the same for it to be completed in time and avoid any non-compliances.  The Company in turn shall ensure strict terms as per their agreement for the provision of the documents, permit audit by our team, and allow engagement for the services to be provided.

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